DevOps – Infra as code Engineer

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  • Post Date : March 6, 2023
  • Apply Before : April 27, 2023
  • Salary: $6,042,677,691.00 - $77,691.00
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Job Description

DevOps – Infra as code Engineer

As Senior/Medior devops & infra as code engineers, we like to eat, sleep, think and work in code. Not perse because we can, but purely because we believe that our futures will be all about integration of code to connect micro-services together. We all have "automation" tattooed on our foreheads.

In your CURRENT job/assignment/project, do you:

Want to Broaden your knowledge but there is no time/space allocated for studying.
Want to Expand your tech stack knowledge but your company has chosen a certain tech set and configuration that you mastered ages ago.
Lack a manager/coach that understands YOU and focuses on your development path first rather than the company's profit targets.
Sound familiar? Stop pleasing others and please yourself by joining us as an infra as code engineer. So, if you are interested, please continue reading. It's worth it!

Let us start by mentioning what we are not! Yes, we do consultancy, but without the continuous overtime, traveling and working on projects that are in no way interesting for you.

Ok, so what's different with us?
We are a part of an ecosystem of small, family like companies, where each company has clear focus on a certain technology or platform. The focus is on YOU and you'll be able to choose the projects that interest you.

You will be working for various customers that are in need for your expertise. We work with any company that needs an infra-as-code engineer to design, stabilize, optimize & automate their Onprem or Hybrid (AWS, AZURE or Google) landingzones. We keep it safe, secure, compliant and optimize it for use by other feature devops teams.

What are we looking for?
As an experienced engineer, you know what it takes to transform existing infra setup towards infra-as-code for on-premise, AWS, Azure or GCP environments.

You know what DevOps teams need (in terms of Infra-as-Code) to develop their killer apps. As an engineer you've already gotten your hands dirty with break/fixing and know how complex on-prem legacy apps can be. You have worked with many different pipelines and always try to find ways to optimize the pipeline release cycles.

If you like what you read, then you could be our next Infra as Code Engineer.
Still not convinced? Ok, if below doesn't describe YOU, we give up!

You don't only talk tech, you try it, you break it, and you fix it with recommendations.
You are looking for equal minded colleagues to share, learn and have fun with.
You are a true believer of sharing you code with the wider community.
You appreciate open communication and are not afraid to speak your mind.
You know what it takes to operate and automate Infrastructure.
You got your hands dirty with application migration and building pipelines.
You like to work on different projects for different customers
The variation of customers, technologies and challenges keeps you focused of offer you're a great chance to get a "taste" of many different "IT-kitchens"
Others consider you a true Ninja with: K8S, Terraform, Azure RM, AWS CloudFormation, Google CDM, Openshift, Openstack, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, PowerShell, Bash, Python…ect. (Do not worry, if you don't cover all these skills then we can still have a conversation)
You understand that anyone saying that migrating an app from on-prem to cloud is easy, doesn't understand the concept.
You understand the true added value that running apps on cloud can bring
You are working DevOps for a while and recognize the DevOps (but still waterfall) setups. Instead of criticizing that you help improve it towards true DevOps.
Ok, you got me Interested!!!!! What do you have to offer?

What we offer is a team of like-minded people that want to grow, both technically and personally. You will get the commitment that we will help and coach you forward in achieving whatever you would like to achieve in your working life and with regards to our mission. And we are not afraid to talk about topics that might not be work related.

We do so by offering you a:

Indefinite contract.
Awesome projects that we pick together.
Market conform salary that matches Medior and Senior levels.
Lifelong study "continuous learning" options.
Free choice of Macbook or laptop.
All study and exams are paid for as well as extra study days.
Conference tickets & Travel
And of course: A group of likewise enthusiastic colleagues/friends that want to work with you